Sunday, December 11, 2005


This is supposed to be an art blog, and I'm not supposed to talk much. (I read blogs like this and this and realize I can't write well) but a couple things have been really impressed on me the last couple weeks that I thought I'd post:

1) The eternal enigma of my life is that everytime I think "Marston, you've really done it this time; God must really hate you now" Jesus turns around and does something absolutely incredibly merciful too me. And I can't comprehend it.

The second thing is: Christmas. I am getting accustomed to a very stale scientific universe, in which everything follows the rules. Then, I read about God becoming man (?), in a barn (??) to a women everyone probably thought was a whore (???). Basically, one of the most incredible moments in the history of creation took place in the middle of no-where. But in reality, it wasn't the middle of nowhere, the Shepherds got to see what was really going on, they saw the angels in the multitudes giving praise. Tolkien told C.S. Lewis that Christianity was the "true myth" and I hated that at first cause I thought "aaagh, liberalism" but I wasn't understanding it right. Yeah, it really happened, and it was totally crazy, it broke all the rules, and was one of the most phantastical, storybookish, gorgeous things comprehendable, and it actually really happened. That's so weird.

Lastly, go here and download "babe in the straw" by the "ball and chain gang." Its amazing. No seriously, it's amazing.

Friday, December 09, 2005


This is my other favorite painting. It was for my little sister. (mei4 mei4 in chinese, I just think that's cool). I like it because somehow I got the ink to compliment the watercolor better than I normally do. Esspecially with the legs.

Tibetan Boy

This was a quick sketch of the face of a tibetan boy on the cover of a magazine in my livingroom. I just thought his face was great. That's a hat, not his hair.

Beautiful Dancer

This was one of my favorite paintings I ever did. I don't know how but it just turned out great, I think it has the best waves I have ever drawn. I looked up the Korean in a book. It was for Ye-eun the Korean girl who was living at my parent's house a couple years ago, cause she gave me some really great music (Kayagum and stuff) from Korea. She is a killer artist, who's at the Art Institute of Chicago right now.

Monday, December 05, 2005

CD covers

It's nearing Christmas so I've started making my cards and stuff. I finished up these CD covers last night. Oh, also, the chinese at the bottom left is my Chinese name from my Chinese class (Ma3Ting3Ming2) I didn't think I was gonna use this part of the watercolor paper when I was working on the top picture, so I tested out my black ink at the bottom of the page. So when I decided I could fit another painting on the page, it ended up fitting at the bottom left perfectly so I left it.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Angel Rising

The theme was "The Great Divorce" and hopefully it will be part of the CD cover for my ex-band's upcoming album

Angel Descending

I was messing around with a really gorgeous but dastardly expensive pigment called "aurolian yellow" in this painting, and gave the background kind of a stained glass kind of look which I really liked


Red Cross is one of my favorite fictional characters. Not because of his great depth of personality (Character develpment is not the strong point of Faerie Queene) but I really enjoy the idea and the story surrounding him strongly evoked my imagination.

This painting was done at the request of my mother who wrote a commentary for the first Canto. Hopefully it will be used as the cover some day.


Hi. My name is Tim Marston, and I would like to join the group of millions of people who think they have something really important to say, and hope that the millions of people who surf the internet every second might all look at my blog and realize how profound and deep I am, and maybe I'll change the world some day through my revolutionary ideas.

Actually, I just wanted to find a place to post some of my recent pieces of art so I could share it with my friends and family. This will happen as soon as I figure out how to upload art on here. I am an engineer, but not always technically literate.