Monday, July 30, 2007

Last week


Fresh sea-urchins. Elton bought them, I cleaned them.

F's sound like B's to Japanese people. Feast = beast.

His daughter was dancing in a kimono

From the roof of the building next door

Sunday, July 22, 2007


テムです. 明日日本語試験ある.日本語じょうずじゃない.KGK おわっただからモチベーション薄い.たぶんもうすぐさびしいなる.もし日本語できるなったどうして日本語習うでしょう? でも,がんばる.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Recent earthquake

SJapan had a large earthquake recently, people got hurt/killed near the epicenter, and a Nuclear power plant leaked poison juice into the ocean. Sendai (my city) was the nearest big city to the epicenter, and I just read the accounts of people in the earthquake, on the BBC site. Not sure where I was in this whole thing, cause there's a billion reports of "plates and cups broke", "things in my office were flying around", "The subway was down for 4 hours" etc. (All of these reports from foreigners living abroad in Japan).

Wha?? I mean... I remember an earthquake that woke me up a couple nights ago. I thought "hmm this one's a little bigger than normal." But then went right back to sleep. No one here has even mentioned it to me in the last couple days. I didn't even know it was all that close to Sendai until this evening.

The other day, we had an aftershock, big enough to see the curtains sway. I glanced at the guy two desks over from me, and he doesn't even look away from his computer. He didn't even notice. I guess Sendai people think they've got themselves covered pretty well.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hutiao Xia

3 days of photos from a trip I took to China with Myron:
And Mari:

We encountered a hundred thousand interesting people, things, and places, and have lots of stories. I kept a journal, and will be updating with more photos here if you are interested.