Sunday, December 11, 2005


This is supposed to be an art blog, and I'm not supposed to talk much. (I read blogs like this and this and realize I can't write well) but a couple things have been really impressed on me the last couple weeks that I thought I'd post:

1) The eternal enigma of my life is that everytime I think "Marston, you've really done it this time; God must really hate you now" Jesus turns around and does something absolutely incredibly merciful too me. And I can't comprehend it.

The second thing is: Christmas. I am getting accustomed to a very stale scientific universe, in which everything follows the rules. Then, I read about God becoming man (?), in a barn (??) to a women everyone probably thought was a whore (???). Basically, one of the most incredible moments in the history of creation took place in the middle of no-where. But in reality, it wasn't the middle of nowhere, the Shepherds got to see what was really going on, they saw the angels in the multitudes giving praise. Tolkien told C.S. Lewis that Christianity was the "true myth" and I hated that at first cause I thought "aaagh, liberalism" but I wasn't understanding it right. Yeah, it really happened, and it was totally crazy, it broke all the rules, and was one of the most phantastical, storybookish, gorgeous things comprehendable, and it actually really happened. That's so weird.

Lastly, go here and download "babe in the straw" by the "ball and chain gang." Its amazing. No seriously, it's amazing.


Anonymous J.Zhao said...

It is good to write down something you really want to say.
What is God's love? I thought a lot and experienced a lot. This love never change. If you look up for the meaning of "love" in Greek: it is a kind of love on the cross. If you remember what Aslan said to another three siblings of Edmount when Edmount came back, you would know God's love. For His glory, we are in this warfare with this dark world. Whether we win or fail, God always be in control and beside us. He never be disappointed to us for He is awesome God.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Isaiah Eyre said...

Mad props to you, Tim. It's good to see there are some serious craftsmen still out there. I'm impressed/astonished by the quality of your work. Keep it up, man. Just to introduce myself, my name is Isaiah and I got this link from Josh Gibbs.

4:59 PM  

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