Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving break

Hi, long time no post!
Thanksgiving break was really great. I took a thousand photos (almost literally), and some others took lots of photos with my cameras. I want to blog about it but such a post would involve lots of pictures of named children - something I am fairly positive parents would rather not be tossed out on the internet.

As a result, I am setting up a private blog that you need a password to view, in which I can safely upload photos. Over thanksgiving break, I discovered that I have a lot more readers than I was ever aware of. If you have some connection to me [or Hilary and are just curious about who this fellow is, who is absolutely crazy about her] then by all means, please email me at: q 1 u 1 i 1 n 1 a 1 u 1 l 1 t (at) g m a i l (dot) com. If I've never heard of you, please tell me who you are. And remove the 1's and spaces from the email account name, I just don't want any automatic spam finder to grab my email and send me a bunch of garbage. Thanks,

- Tim