Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ongaku (music)

For all of you who tried to play the Dogalog version of the video on Hilary's page here but couldn't get it to work, here it is in youtube format. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Faith and physics

Hilary sent me a quote she found in A Severe Mercy, a book she's reading :

"And another Anglican, Shirley Rosser, in physics at the college, was no less firm in the faith [then their neighbor]. The fact that he, like Peter and Lew at Oxford, was a physicist and a Christian led me to formulate a theory as to why so many physicists--I knew of still others--were committed Christians. The theory went like this: The non-scientists say, well, we don't know the answers, but the scientists do; and the scientists who are not physicists say, well, we don't know the answers either, but the physicists do; and the physicists know that they do not, in fact, have the ultimate answers and, accordingly, turn to Christ who does."

This seemed exceedingly harmonious with the following well known quote of Maxwell's:

"I think that men of science as well as other men need to learn from Christ, and I think that Christians whose minds are scientific are bound to study science that this view of the glory of God may be as extensive as their being is capable of." [James Clerk Maxwell, 1875]

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A strange bug.

I'm practically falling asleep as I write this, but I haven't updated my blog in a while, so here are a few things:

Today I finished a hard math calculation. I think even my professors would consider it challenging, probably. It took me a couple days, and the final problem is 5 pages long. I had to use modified bessel functions of the first and second type to solve it (I never had to use those before), which was cool, but not what made it hard. It had some strange boundary conditions I'm not used to solving differential equations with... it got me familiar with the heat equation, which is good thing. The answer takes up a large portion of a page. This can mean a mistake occured, but, I graphed out the result, and it looks reasonable, so it might actually be right.

I get to call this certain really beautiful girl every day.

I am beginning to train to run a half-marathon with this same beautiful girl. It's the start of those first few weeks of getting back into shape, when it's like firing up a car that hasn't been started in a year. But, because of it, I think I will sleep better every night.

My red underline thingy that spell checks words on the screen, in blogger, always underlines "hasn't", "wasn't", "doesn't", "couldn't" etc... but doesn't underline "won't." Could someone please tell me if I am forgetting some very basic rule of English grammar, please?

I found a very strange bug on the window screen. I wrote a haiku about it.

By T. M. Marston.

Two black beady eyes.
Spikes. A harpoon shaped appendage.
It is a strange bug.