Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Don't have pictures yet, but tonight I tested the solid-dialectric condenser microphone I've been building, and it works!

A brief outline of the last 2 (or so) weeks

1) Packed out of the apartment in Sendai, the night before I left. Spent the night at the church, where Kawakami and Masako sensei live. Masako sensei fixed me the most amazing breakfast before Smile, Carol, and Yuko picked me up. I was met at the train station by a group of friends. They all saw me off, and this all seemed very surreal to me. I headed down to Narita Airport, then to Atlanta GA, and finally back to State College.

2) I had 2 days at this point to get ready for school, and no car. I spent the next days taking care of school prep stuff, and didn't get any of my stuff moved in. This meant trying to recover from jet-lag by sleeping on the floor. This sucked.

3) Monday last week, school started. Saw my adviser, + several other faculty, and the man who funded me in Japan. They were all pleased I came back. The good part of this was, I was missed and they were happy to have me back. The bad part is, they had so much work for me to do, that I haven't been able to get my stuff out of storage. One guy helped me grab a futon, though, last Thursday. God bless his soul

4) Been working ridiculous hours, but almost all of it is in the machine shop, making stuff, so I don't really mind. But, when I saw Chen Laoshi, my Chinese professor just to say hi, she insisted I take... CHINESE 3!! This is crazy because it's been over a year, and I've forgotten almost everything. Still, it is very relaxing and enjoyable work, and gives me a welcome universe to exist in, apart from my lab. So, I've been trying to figure out how to balance lab work with Chinese. Unfortunately this hasn't left much time for other things.

In other news:
My cousin Myron, and friend Phil, and a few other people that in a fragmented way resemble our old band just released a really excellent, well mixed/produced album that is basically "The Great Divorce" set to music (songs follow the narratives of the various characters). You can hear clips here. I haven't decided if I like track 5 or 10 better, but give all of them a shot.

Some shots from my last few weeks in Japan:

Kickin' it one more time w/the KGK brothers and sisters

Lab mates & sensei

Victor and Candy, we hiked Yamadera

Capriccosa w/Yuko, Taketo, his wife Naomi, Victor, and Candy

Eria (Elijah) L, Pearl, M, Takuma, R - off to Hokkaido

I caught a Kuagata

Downtown Sapporo

Looking for Sapporo's famous Miso Ramen

Eating the famous Miso Ramen. It was good.

Sapporo rainbow chapel (Assemblies of God). It was a good place. I met Saki-chan here.

It was good times.