Friday, June 02, 2006

next week

Next week I will be at the Acoustical Society of America conference. I am going to give two short lectures on my research topics, in front of a bunch of people that have been doing acoustics for their whole lives.

really nervous for 2 reasons
1) My research is kidstuff. They will probably yawn and fall asleep because they know some russian highschoolers who did the same stuff in the 80's.
2) I might have errors in my research and someone's going to point it out. Combined with the fact that my research isn't really difficult in the first place, that makes it even worse...

rrrrgh... some people are just so easy going infront of a crowd of skeptics. How did they get that way??? I should find some hardcore music to psych me up before I give my presentation. That way I'll be like "yeah! booyah!" instead of "*gulp* uh... hi..."


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