Thursday, July 24, 2008

Germany/Paris, Monday - however far I get in half an hour

So, Monday morning, in the Von-Bibras house, I wake up with the real cool experience of being under a skylight:

Every upstairs room in the Von-Bibras' house has a skylight like this.

I headed downstairs, where I heard the noise. Everyone was eating a very delicious breakfast of sliced sausage, cheese, and bread with quark or nutella. Nutella is this really good chocolate and nut sauce that everyone seems to talk about when they come back from somewhere not the US, because it really is quite good.

I then found out that the shower has no warm water. The Von Bibras have warm hearts, but everything else is apparently made of steel because that was a COOOLD shower. You probably would have laughed to have seen the contortions my face went through as I sprayed gallons of freezing water all over myself. But I was REALLY awake afterwards! It was also my first good sleep since coming to Europe.

Then, I went to walk up and down the street Hilary lives on.

This is the Von Bibras':

But there are also a lot of other interesting houses up and down the same road. They actually look like this.

Hilary needs to go to school, so Kristoph plans on taking us to a famous guest-house at the top of a mountain:
Mom and dad take a walk around the mountaintop, while Felicitas, the kids, and I go to the stone patio below the building to eat lunch.
There is a good view, and you can see ruins of an ancient castle on a nearby hill:
I let Amelie grab my camera:
Mom and dad and Kristoph came back:

and after we ate lunch, Felicitas drove us to the train-station, where we were to find Hilary. But, I got to go now. After leaving Bonn we went to Cologne. Hilary and I climbed to the top of the towers in the cathedral. It was amazing. Actually, the cathedral in general was jaw-dropping. I'll post about it next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, your photos are so clear and lovely--you caught the feeling of the von Bibras' neighborhood very well, and especially the house. I just wish you could photograph how good her bread tasted...and that quark! I'm going to see if I can make my own version of it! I think your pictures capture the way they welcomed us super well. Thanks for taking the time to make this post. Mom

9:39 PM  

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