Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comprehensive examination

Sorry - still can't write about Paris. It's coming soon, though, for reals. This morning I went through shock after shock, first from finding out that I was supposed to be registered as a student over summer semester, to take the Comprehensive Examination (critical step towards getting the degree) scheduled for next week.

I was told however, that I could probably get around that if I payed for the test (~$1000).
reaction: AAaaghhh!

Then I was told that the department would actually pay for it.
reaction: Horrayyy!

Then right after that i was told instead of getting the test on Monday of next week, like I had planned, I was going to get it on FRIDAY of THIS week.
reaction: Aaaaaaaggghhhhh!!

Then, Hilary told me the pictures and stuff finally arrived and she liked them(!!)
reaction: Hoorraaaaayyyyy!!

Then I found out I still needed to do one more ridiculously long and mind-numbingly boring microphone calibration this evening, so I couldn't write up about Paris.
reaction: Aaagh! (<-notice it's a bit smaller.)

So yeah, a bit of a roller coaster day. But I just got the cal finished, and I need to go home before the grocery store closes so I can get more food of the 9 essential vitamins and minerals type. But, hopefully tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember tim, broccoli today, zucchini tomorrow, carrots on friday... baby steps :)
good luck on your comprehensive exam! sounds aweful

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tim, I'm thrilled that you are even thinking about the 9 essential vitamins and minerals! Daddy is not surprised that you didn't know the rules for taking the exam--he sees graduate students get caught in that bind all the time if some administrator doesn't catch it. Thanks for letting us know it's Friday. We'll pour on the prayer. Paris can wait. Love, mom

9:27 PM  

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