Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Old habits die hard

Inspired by my discovery of a giant millipede roughly 5 inches long crawling on the wall outside tonight, I thought I'd catalog a few of my discoveries since arriving:

Brown Anoles: 2 or 3
Green Anoles: 5 or 6
Geckos: 4 or 5
Toads: 1
Skinks: 1
Katydids: 1
Giant millipedes: 2

The list will no doubt be lengthened, and photos will be added for the sake of younger brothers and sisters in law who are interested (like me) in creatures of the sorts (Noah... Christiana...)

I had to abruptly finish my post which is why I didn't mention visiting Paula and Josh. On our last major day of travel, last Saturday, Hilary and I visited Paula, Josh and Camilla at their home in Pensacola. We had a great time, and among other things Josh introduced Hilary and I to a very interesting game called "Nim" that you can play with virtually any type of object that you have 11 of. I suppose you could probably even play with a pen and pencil. I won't mention any more about it other than the fact that, if I go first, I will probably beat you.

Anyway, we are here at Panama City Beach now. The last few days have been devoted mostly to apartment hunting, but also to setting up insurance, opening a bank account, finding a doctor, and the other normal stuff you need to do when transitioning to a new job and moving to a new area. The Lafollets, friends of Hilary and mine, have generously opened their house to us until we move into our own. We just signed a lease today, and will be moving into our place on monday. We are pretty happy with it, and hope that it can be a place that people will be comfortable visiting/staying with us. I'll post photos at some point.


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