Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For your entertainment...

My old camera bit the dust... the one with the video capability. I never really used the video function till about a year and a half ago anyway, but I decided to dig up most of my videos and put them on YouTube. If you are really bored, you might find some of these interesting...

um... Christmas

What a great tie!

View from a ladder on the roof of my apartment in Sendai...

Some very wonderful people

More wonderful people

English tongue twister

Grace Chapel, lunch time

Kitchen, after lunch, and out of focus

My camera died. This is Takuma leading worship at church in the evening.
Chorus trans.: "praise King of all kings, Savior Lord, Heaven's great God"

Masato on drums, Ai on piano, Takuma on guitar, Erei and Kawakami sensei singing, Megu on the keys and also doing vocals

You wonder who the engineers are who make these things...
(Biwa sensei said he loves the coffee, but he's too embarassed to stand infront of the vending machine to ever get any)

Student mandolin club. Go figure.

"Prink Plank Plunk"

The bassist was a kick in the pants. To bad you can't see his expression. Got to hand it to people who love their instruments

Then, I've got a couple more on my youtube page if you want to see still more. Anyway, enjoy


Blogger Theologic said...

I really liked the one of "Lord I Lift Your Name On High." I had no idea that you'd get Japanese to raise their hands in a Church service.

I'm blown away.

Uncle T

8:58 PM  
Blogger tmm said...

Heh heh, well they were Assemblies of God, so maybe they were charismatic by Japanese standards

11:43 PM  

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